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The Essential Email Marketing Tips for Every Business

Although email campaigns are effective marketing tools, you need to keep certain points in mind to maximize the benefits. In all likelihood, your potential customers have dozens or more emails to sift through each day. With that much competition, you must work hard to get their attention.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of ways you can do so. The following tips, however, are among the most essential for any email marketer.

Create Segmented Email Lists

If your business caters to a range of demographics, it could benefit you to separate different customers into email lists based on which demographic group they fall into. This makes it easier to send emails that are relevant to a customer’s interests. Demographics also include behavior: Are they a paying customer or just a site visitor? Be sure to separate lists based not only on factors like age and location but also at what part of the buyer’s funnel they fall into.

Keep Location in Mind

When deciding what type of information is relevant to your customers, it’s especially important to consider their geographic location. For instance, perhaps you run a fitness apparel company: You wouldn’t want to send an email to customers in Florida advertising your ski gear.

Get the Email Into Inboxes

In order for customers to read then take action on your email, they must first receive it. Email checkers that clean and validate emails ensure that the emails you send land in inboxes. Not only do you make sure people are getting your email, but also inbox rates serve an additional purpose in preserving your sender reputation. Low inbox rates mean your emails are likely going to spam, and therefore erode your sender rep while sending red flags to email service providers.

Pique Their Interest In the Subject Line

Subject lines should be concise enough to convey important points even when reading on mobile phones. More importantly, they should withhold just enough information to make readers curious.

The idea is to create a sense of unresolved tension in a reader through your subject line. These should make it clear that the tension can only be resolved by opening the email. One option is to have your subject line ask a question. Your readers would like to know the answer, so they open the email. Keep in mind, your subject lines should be relevant to the content within. No reader enjoys the feeling of being misled.

Be Succinct

It’s becoming more and more common for people to read their emails on mobile devices. Thus, your copy should be succinct enough to get the point across without forcing customers to read through large chunks of text. Big paragraphs look overwhelming on mobile devices, causing many to disregard the email.

Incorporate Video

If you’re struggling to share a lot of information succinctly, consider using video more often in your emails. Videos allow you to boost the amount of information you share without forcing you to send text-heavy emails that customers aren’t likely to read. Additionally, they’re an excellent tool for enhancing engagement and making people connect with your brand.

Make it Interactive

One of the simplest ways to boost customer engagement is to end emails with interactive features, like games or quizzes. Reading an email is a fairly passive act; your goal should be to make customers engage with your content in a more active fashion.

Use Automation to Your Advantage

Establish behavior triggers for automated emails, and you can actively keep customers interested without putting in a lot of work. For instance, if a particular customer hasn’t opened one of your emails or visited your site for a certain duration, an automated email could be sent to re-engage them. Automation also ensures that emails are delivered on time.

Don’t Forget to Send Welcome Emails

Very often, people sign up for email lists, only to forget why they were interested in the time the first email actually arrives. Sending welcome emails helps marketers capitalize on new leads while the customer is still genuinely interested in the company.

These points don’t represent all the best practices worth incorporating into your email marketing strategy. Instead, they represent basic tips that apply to any company or organization. Review your own email marketing strategy, and honestly assess whether or not you’ve been following these guidelines and if they fit into your practices.

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