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How to Send Mass Email in Outlook

Why spend hundreds of $$ on Email senders if you can do it with just outlook.   Its very easy to mass send emails with outlook if you know how to do that. If you don’t know it then no problem. I’ve explained it how to do it in the video below.  You can also learn how to integrate Gmail with outlook.

You can email merge with Gmail and send thousands of emails each day.  There’s also an option for sending group emails in outlook by using Gmail Email addresses.

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How to add multiple Email accounts in outlook?

To Add multiple accounts, Please click on Files in the top Left corner of Outlook.

Click on Add Account

add account outlook


Once you click on Add account then You’ve to do the same as I did in the Video (You can see the video at the bottom)


How to personalize email in outlook?

You can personalize email in outlook by using Ms word. There’s an option in the word file to do that.  Please see the video for more details.


What’s outlook mail merge limit?

There’s no limit. You can send as many emails as you want with outlook but Gmail has sending limits. You can send 500 emails per day with 1 Gmail account. So If you add one email account then you can send 500. For sending more you’ve to add multiple Gmail accounts with outlook.


How do you send multiple emails in outlook?

Please See the video below to know how to send multiple emails.


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