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Get Thousands of Leads From Any
Facebook Group Or Page With One Click
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Want to Extract Emails From Facebook Groups and Pages?

We target Facebook Groups and Pages by Niche, Location and by Competitor

What will you Get?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address (real email)
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Facebook URL
  • Location
  • Phone

The best thing is, you can cross check the contacts against the groups and pages we target. 

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    This is the best way to build a huge highly targeted Mass Facebook Email Leads list for you Email marketing Campaign without investing thousands of dollars.

    Still you aren’t sure about our Services??

    Don’t worry, we have a video about how we deliver high quality emails, How you can cross check them against the groups.



    How does our method work? Extract Emails From Facebook Groups

    We Extract Emails From Facebook Groups and pages Provided by our clients and generate leads from those groups and pages.  You are two steps away to turn them into your subscribers. You can send them news letters easily. You can upload the emails into your Facebook ad campaign. You’ll be saving the money that Facebook cuts while showing your ad to irrelevant people. Your ad will be shown to only people that are in the list. You can create custom audience with emails or phones. We provide both. It highly value right?? So what are you waiting for. Get a free sample right now. 

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      We found the easiest way that can save your time and money. We’ve tested the leads by sending emails to few hundred leads and the results are below.

      email list generator facebook

      The Leads will work Like opt-in Leads and very effective for brand, product and news letter promotion.

      You can add the leads with your constant subscriber List and send them emails without any hesitation.  Grab a free  sample leads list here 


      2 Responses
      1. I am new to email marketing but want to scrape lots of emails to send via mailchimp. How is this allowed via mailchimp if they are cold emails?

        1. admin

          These emails have very low bounce rate, below then 2%. When you upload an email list to sites like mailchimp and aweber or mailjet then those sites have algorithms to test the contacts against spam. If the lists looks like spam they’ll not allow you to upload but with our lists you can easily upload them to any site and we give 100% guarantee.


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