What is Email Marketing, and How Do I Use It?

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Email Marketing


So you’ve got a great website. And you know that, despite the rise in other marketing channels, an Email Marketing is still a powerful source in driving newcomers to your site. as well as keeping current clients engaged. But currently, your newsletters and promotional emails are being sent from a combination of your email client your CRM your website and your mass mailing service provider.


Having separate and incompatible systems working on the same task is a nuisance to manage and it’s a challenge to unify recipient data. Not very efficient. The solution is an Email Marketing Tool. A fully Integrated Email Marketing tool will allow you to create, manage, perfect and send successful emails with staggering results. Let’s say you’re the owner of Bananas “R” Us, a company that offers customers all things Bananas. Being a banana fanatic, you know that the world is banana split. Based on the results of your poll “What end do you open your banana?” you can send tailored offers to recipients.To those who open their bananas using the stem, you can send your popular banana holder. And to those who use the stem as a holder and open from the other end, you can send your famous banana opener.

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By segmenting your audience, you can send each segment highly relevant emails. With relevant emails driving 18 times more revenue than broadcast e-mails, you can’t afford to forget this simple yet effective banana tip. Now, being a marketing-savvy business owner, it hasn’t passed you by that 2012 saw mobile email client usages surpass web and desktop client usage. So you want to make sure your recipients will be able to appreciate your email on any device. You’ll, therefore, want a solution that offers you the option of checking how your email looks to ALL your recipients! Now your ultimate on-the-go food can be complemented by on-the-go emails too! So now you’re ready to create your content Personalizing emails based on your contact’s data and behavior is key to increasing engagement and building trust with your prospective customers.It shows you care and respond directly to their needs.

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Not only can you salute your customer by name, but you can also recognize their gender, showing that you care about who they are as an individual. And by offering exactly what they want, you show that you pay attention to their wants and deliver on their specific wishes. Like a good, old, trusted friend. Did you know you can test the effectiveness of your emails on small groups ahead of the mass mailing to achieve through the roof open and click-through rates? With powerful A/B testing, you can find the email subject, copy, image or call-to-action that drive the most results before sending to your full database or segment! And it allows you to test your own products, in your own words with your own audience.


So go bananas with testing for super results. And talking about results no email campaign is successful without detailed reports that tell you so. You need a multilevel view on your email marketing efforts so that not only can you get a great overview of bounced email rates, open rates, click-through rates and other metrics, but you can also home in on a single user for lead intelligence.


Replace your old email practices with one integral email marketing solution for all the power, ease, integration and sophistication in one place and watch your ROI soar! And when you add Segmentation, Mobile-friendliness, Personalization, A/B testing and Analytics to Subscription Management, Automated Responses and Notifications, Deliverability, Contact Management and Dynamic Newsletter you’re working on a whole new level of email marketing, with a whole new level of success.

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So, how can you set up successful email marketing without any programming?Let’s see how it’s easily done with Kentico EMS, a full-featured Customer Experience Management solution that can turn your website into a sales and marketing powerhouse. Your emails can be easily personalized not just for specific interest groups, but right down to the actual recipient! Emails can be created to respond to all commonly used devices and using the email preview feature, you can ensure correct formatting and design.Test an unlimited number of email variants on a chosen size of the test group, to the perfect subject line, sender name, and address, mail out time and the content of your message.

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The system finds a winning email according to open rate or click-through rate and sends it to the rest of your subscribers.Easily check the open rates as well as clicks and click-through rates of your emails.Be warned that actively using email marketing tool on your website may lead. To Reduced time, effort and costs in reaching your customer Effective and continuous communication with customers increased customer engagement through personalization and targetingMeasurable ROIBoosted sales email Marketing reveals its true power when used with other website activities like Automatic sending of emails to leads of a certain score levelSegmenting email recipients and personalizing email content depending on visitor data or actions multichannel lead nurturing using Marketing Automation