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More than 10 percent of the average email file consists of bad email addresses, whether they be data entry errors, garbage addresses, or expired domains. Once you have spent many time and money developing an e-mail list it is important to maximize the effectiveness of the list. The problems that appear when you want to send bulk email messages are:  bouncebacks, duplicates, unsubscribes. Here are some advise how to maintain your mailing list clean.

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A high bounce rate can have a negative impact on your delivery rate. If your IP address is associated with too many ?unknown user? bounces at a particular ISP, you risk being blacklisted or blocked by that ISP. So, keeping your list clean of unknown users is an important step to your e-mail delivery success.

It seems to be impossible to eliminate bounces, but it is important to reduce their number. In this context, the following activities will help you to manage and reduce bounces.

Use a Confirm Email Address. Send an auto-reply confirmation when a user subscribes, registers or makes a purchase. If that message bounces, you can attempt to correct it right from the start.Include a Subscription/Account Management Links in Your Emails:  Make easy for your clients and subscribers to update their e-mail addresses by including a link in your e-mails to your Website account/subscription management page.Use an email software to identify the cause of the bounceback. That way you’ll know who to remove and who to contact for further information. Use a bulk email server that tries to deliver the bouncing messages more than once. Use the Mail or Phone to Update Information: If you have the postal addresses or phone numbers for customers/subscribers with bad email addresses, contact them via mail or telephone. Remove the addresses that repeatedly prove bad.

It is unprofessional to email your customer multiple copies of the same message. Even though many duplicate addresses are the result of double entries by your customers, these people often become so irritated by receiving multiple messages that they unsubscribe from your list altogether.So, it’s very important to remove duplicates from your email list. To delete duplicates, sort your database. If the same e-mail address appears for different names, delete them automatically using your email software functions.Unsubscribes

If your customers subscribed themselves to your email list, they should be able to go out without big efforts. In this context, you need to make it easy to unsubscribe. You can do this using an email software that, when receiving an unsubscribing option, operates it automatically. The best way to send confirmation is via email. You can include there a short inquiry form (not required) about the reasons of the subscription. It’s important to have unsubscribing requests before you send out your next newsletter.



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