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Email Advertising & Email Marketing

Email advertising is already a multi-billion dollars business. It has been growing by multiple folds for the past six years. With email advertising or email marketing, you can do loads of advertising to reach many people with a tenth of the budget that you will need when using the traditional ordinary marketing methods like using magazines, flyers, TV and so on. You can use email marketing to target specific regions or target people all over the world.

Email advertising allows you to send out an advertisement to a large number of recipients for little cost. You can choose the type of people that you want to send emails to or you can select the gender or profession and so on.

With email marketing, you can use an email list that is from the specific region only If you have products or services that are just for the specific group you can use email advertisement to do an email campaign to that region alone.

How to Do Email Advertising.

To do email marketing these days, you will need to find the right email sending service to execute the email advertising blasts for you. You can’t just use Microsoft outlook to do your mass email broadcasts. Your ISP will immediately block you. You will have to hire an email marketing company that does the blasts.

Another way to do email marketing is by you running the campaigns yourself. But you need to have an email database to be able to run it from your home or office computer.

You can’t just use Microsoft outlook because your internet connection service will block it. The only way you can use Microsoft outlook is if you are doing a small email campaign to less than 300 recipients. So it will be very frustrating if you had an email marketing campaign that needs to be sent out to about 3000 recipients.

Most valuable email marketing campaigns are usually at least 500,000. So you need the correct mass email database. Here are email databases that provide a fast and safe bulk email address list that can be used for the mailings for you without getting your internet connection shut down.

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