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Email Advertising
Email Advertising & Email Marketing Email advertising is already a multi-billion dollars business. It has been growing by multiple folds for the past six years. With email advertising or email marketing, you can do loads of advertising to reach many people with a tenth of the budget that you will need when using the traditional ordinary...
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Customizing Content for Every Subscriber
Do you know how to Customizing Content for Every Subscriber? One of the things that scream “SPAM” the loudest is reading an email in your inbox that was obviously written for a large, generic group of people. As a matter of fact, many spam filters check for common phrases such as “Dear Friends”. A great way...
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Looking for a way to increase your open rate with dynamic email content? Who isn’t? In addition to applying true strategy when selecting a subject line(think A/B split testing and Google’s Wonder Wheel), you can easily increase your open rate by guaranteeing recipients that, should they open your email, they will actually get something out of...
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collect emails
Are You Using Every Opportunity To Collect Email Addresses? It is no secret that I love Southwest Airlines (SWA). We’ve highlighted them on this blog, List Growth The Right Way. Whether or not you are personally a fan, I think it would be hard to argue that Southwest Airlines understands marketing. From their witty commercials to their nutty...
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  More than 10 percent of the average email file consists of bad email addresses, whether they be data entry errors, garbage addresses, or expired domains. Once you have spent many time and money developing an e-mail list it is important to maximize the effectiveness of the list. The problems that appear when you want...
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tactics Facebook Lead generation
  I’m really excited  to bring to you today  the five different phases of marketing  and what we’re gonna be doing is we’re going to be looking at the five phases that  every single person who comes in contact with your business are gonna move through from the time they become a lead to the...
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how email marketing works
Making your email marketing sizzle. Welcome to QuckEmailHosting.com, where we help you be the best you can be in your business and your life. There are so many benefits of email marketing for a small business. Email is immediate, low-cost, and you can track your results. That said, all of us are far too familiar...
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