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I’m really excited  to bring to you today  the five different phases of marketing  and what we’re gonna be doing is we’re going to be looking at the five phases that  every single person who comes in contact with your business are gonna move through from the time they become a lead to the time that they become a sale and give you the opportunity and the
understanding of how to capitalize on each of these five phases and drive people through them to convert more clients, make more money oftentimes off the lead you’re already getting. So what’s the first phase?  The first phase is what we like to call is


And every phase, by the way, has a question; a question that you need to answer for your business or for your marketing
plan so what’s the question here?

The question here is this:

How will you generate new leads for your business over let’s say the next 12 months?

Now, most agents think well, I want to generate leads in many ways as I possibly can. The problem is this the more you try and do the less effective you become. instead what I want to do is this I want you to focus on one to three major lead generating activities that you’re going to employ in your business over the next 12 months, become a master at them

Rather than trying to do them all ineffectively so pick one to three different lead sources now most people ask us, okay but that’s great but what are the three that I should choose?

You know it’s a great question. Some of that’s going to depend on your budget, the time that you have to invest in the resources that you have available to you but beyond that what you want to do is you wanna focus really on those things that are going to move you forward based off of the goals that you set for your business but let me do this I wanna share with you three of the lead generating tactics right now that are working very very well for our clients two of them, by the way, is great at generating listing leads and if you’re like most agents pretty much everybody could use more
listing leads right so what are the three different tactics that are working really well?

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1: Direct mail marketing.

direct email marketing

I know it’s old school people go oh but direct mail marketing it’s so 1995 but here’s the thing: everybody’s been moving their business online right now all the marketing is in where? your inbox or on social media and it doesn’t mean I don’t like marketing those areas but what I found is this, our in boxes or our mailboxes have become extremely quiet,  so this is
the thing is our mailboxes have become so quiet,  do what we want to do is you want to get through that noise through that clutter.

what better way than to hit people in their mailbox?

2: Facebook

facebook leads

Leads Facebook advertising Facebook Ads have been generating hundreds and hundreds of awesome listing leads for our clients if you’re not doing Facebook advertising it’s time to invest a little bit of money and a little bit of time and explode your listing inventory and finally number three is strategic calling…strategic calling, see what we found is that most agents that come to work with us and that start working with our coaching program have clients or leads or people
that they haven’t contacted in a while and so what we do is we have them make a list about let’s say the hot leads from
the past six to 12 months that they were so close, right thereof either buying a home or listing their house and then what
happened? they never move forward. so what we want you to do is we want you to compile a list of all of those people
but rather than just calling them and saying “you know, hey, you still interested in selling your home or do you still want to buy a home?” what we needed to do…the key is you must provide value.

So how do we do that?

what we encourage you to do is call with an item of value so maybe it’s an updated CMA for an old listing lead or maybe
you are working with a buyer and that buyer had a certain type of home that they were looking for.
It all comes down to providing value, providing value, providing value. So those three things right there can generate listing leads and buyer leads very very quickly for your business. and they’re working exceedingly well for
our clients but there are so many different ways so many different things that you can do to generate leads the key is this
fine just a few focus on one to three, cut all the crap and that simplicity is gonna allow your business to explode.

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